Clear Water Festival: Workshop on How to Build an Artificial Coral Reef


Coral reefs are attractive sites in the coastal regions. They also form part of the fish habitat for the growth of polyps. It is important to have the same image on the mainland to add value to the beauty of an area. An artificial coral reef requires creativity to design an image similar to the real one in its natural habitat. One of the things you may need to design this image is the manual dexterity of welding gloves. This is an image that you need to place at the entry point of the clear water festival; you have to use the concept of adjustability for different requirements of flux core welders to get it right.

The only way to make this workshop success is to involve all the stakeholders such that you get peoples opinion. When they are part of the organization then trust me the whole thing will be a success. What do you need to attract people to this festival?


There is no way
people will understand there is such an event unless you let the people know.
There are many ways you can advertise this event. Some of them include

  • Email marketing campaign tools
  • Print and audio media advertisement
  • Sending invitation letters or mails
  • Word of mouth
  • Public awareness using the local administrators
  • Billboards

Use an event

Event planners
have the skill to make sure that you get what you need out of the festival. Get
renowned planners who will liaise with the local authorities to put everything
in order. This gives you ample time to deal with administrative matters rather
than being a jack of all trade.

Make the
sessions interactive

Let the workshop
nit be a one-man-show. Dealing with people is easy when they get involved and
you also accommodate their interests and their opinions. You never know, it
could be the beginning of a big project since people come from different

Invite renowned

There is a reason why even marketers prefer to use celebrities in their billboards. Naturally, people love to associate with the high and mighty in society. In this water festival, it is important to incorporate this principle such that you get a celebrity to be a brand ambassador for the water company. It helps in marketing; before you even notice you have a wide audience that spread the word. What else do you need!

Use social media
to your advantage

We are in the
digital world. Everyone when not busy with their daily hassles they are on
their smartphones trying to catch up with the daily event. Why not make this
festival as part of the daily event. This can be through a sponsored post or a
blog or your social media pages. This has an advantage since you can always
share with both the active and passive audience just to popularize the event.

Building an artificial coral reef may just sound as simple activity, it is not. When you involve people through a workshop then it has more impact.


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