Why Working Out Can Be A Good Preparation If You’ll Attend A Concert


Have you ever been to one of those concerts where the musicians jump around the stage without huffing and puffing or missing a single beat and wondered, how? Well, sometimes it’s pre-recorded tracks but mostly it’s their cardiovascular health. Going by the time spent jostling in terribly long queues, we are as much in need of exercise as the musicians themselves so that we as concert-goers can endure the long hours of standing and jumping during the concert.

People start planning for a concert, weeks in advance- buying band t-shirts, redoing their hair and nails, buying cool makeup just to achieve their best look for that one night. But never once do they look towards their own health. Starting an exercise regimen as preparation for that concert you want to attend is going to Pay up in many ways.

Firstly, it’s going to make you happy and glowing. Seriously. Exercising releases endorphins, also called the happy hormones, which reduces stress and stimulates overall wellbeing. Most healthy adults are recommended a weekly aerobic workout of about 150 minutes and you could easily fit in a smart and fun exercise by pledging yourself to the rowing machine. A rowing machine workout is the best for people who want to lose the flab fast but are not comfortable lifting heavy weights.

It gets your heart pumping which is a must if you want to keep off the weight while at the same time building long lean muscle. If you have seen Claire Underwood from the House-of-Cards, you know what I am talking about. And the bonus is, your stamina is going to skyrocket. Which means, standing in endless queues for food and beverages, holding your ground among hordes of tipsy people and surviving the mosh pits is going to be a breeze.

Secondly, you are definitely going to be able to get inside those cute pair of shorts you’ve wanted for a long time And wear them to the concert. Confidence having a rowing physique will make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. And yes, no more help carrying beer crates or worrying over a beer belly.

Thirdly, you would still be fine the morning after the concert unlike most of your friends. You will be helping them to their breakfasts and looking amazing at the same time Bodies get used to whatever challenge you throw at them. One night of partying hard is not going to feel so awful anymore and you would probably still be able to make it to your office in time Thank you!

And finally, seeing these positive changes in your body and mind will fill you with joy. It will push you to keep at it with vigor. A healthier you is a better you Whatever your standards of a fitter you, whether it is fitting into an old dress you love very much and can’t bear to part with or running up the stairs without choking on dear life, it’s best to start somewhere, anywhere. Pick a workout regimen that is tailored to your specific goals and begin. After all, there are too many great concerts happening all over the world that need people monkeying around. So pump up!



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