What We Do

The concerts have an objective and focus on tackling the theme of the day with no confusion comprehensively. We never juggle all creative artists in one event to a point participants have a lot at stake and only get basics rather than details from the corporate tables.

The recent art festival held at the Glaves Memorial Hall saw art enthusiasts getting more than enough for their desire in art. Hands-on and digitalized artistic skills were displayed, and all participants had a stake in the event.

The children’s corner was the climax of it all. Upcoming kid artists had a lot to share and contacts to exchange to nurture their talents to higher levels.

Stakeholders enjoyed the marketing platform to display their products and services for the leads were real clients.

You can never separate tradition and craft. Despite the inroads in digital tools, we educate the jet generation on what people had and used way before computers’ innovation. We use our events to showcase those traditional hands-on skills that still have relevance in contemporary society.

Are you looking for a hobby or a pastime as a stay-at-home mom? Are you interested in a gift that will earn you an extra income?

Do you have any hands-on craft skills you want to showcase? If our answer is yes, then this is an event for you.

Look for craft skill community events in our calendar and use the chance to educate and empower the public on craft skills that are of relevance in the digitalized world. It opens an opportunity to use them and incorporate them into the digitalized tools.

Parades are our strong points in community events. When people are busy, we take the events at the comfort of their balconies.

Dances and creative art skills are better paraded along the streets with complete dramatized dances and costumes to bring out the traditional and modern attire based on the day’s theme.

We match and entertain revelers who line up the streets to enjoy what we have to offer.

The banners complete with contacts are our lead generation strategy to impact way after we leave the streets.

We celebrate memorable moments with you irrespective of your location.



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