7 Ways to Ensure You Enjoy a Concert


Attending concerts and other events that involve large crowds can be challenging to enjoy sometimes. It can especially be for introverts and certain ambiverts who thrive in solitude. It’s the excitement of seeing their favorite bands or musicians or other activities that attracts some people.

However, it doesn’t have to be the case. Anyone can enjoy these events with the right preparation and outlook. There are numerous tips aimed at helping you maximize the enjoyment of your concert experience. They range from your mindset to your attitude at the event, and we’ll discuss a few of them below.

1. Don’t Go Alone

Everyone knows that there are specific experiences that are more satisfying when you’re in a group of people. A concert is one such event. Hence this tip is crucial to the enjoyment of the performance. That way, the experience starts way before the show and doesn’t end with it. We, therefore, advise that you go with friends that have similar tastes.

You get to hang out and, if possible, make new friends more quickly than it’ll be if alone. Another advantage is that friends help you choose suitable outfits. However, they don’t have to be going with you to help with that. It gives a feeling of familiarity amid the large crowd. Besides going with friends, you shouldn’t take a date at a concert unless you know each other well.

2. Get to the Venue Early

Going early to the concert venue guarantees you prime viewing spots and less rowdiness and disturbances than in the middle or back. That’s because they’re farther away from the stage and have more noise interference. Unlike with firearms, which you can succeed in suppressing the sound quite a bit, there’s no such thing for concert noise. Hence, early arrival is important.

It’s similar to having front row seats at a significant game, and it helps you have the best experience possible. You can even use the bathroom and buy things before the lines get long. Some people can get there at any time and still make their way to the front. However, if you don’t have that skill, getting there in time is your best bet.

3. Bring Your Refreshments

There are certain things to bring to a concert, and snacks, drinks, and most notably, a bottle of water must be on that list. It prevents you from having to go around by the time the show starts. Even though there’ll most likely be a lot of points where you can buy something, there’s bound to be a long line of people there. You don’t want to realize halfway through that you’ve run out, so stock up.

4. Use the Bathroom in Time

The key here is to ensure to use the bathroom before the show starts. However, you could do that before even getting to the venue if you can. It helps avoid the long bathroom queues at the concert. Otherwise, it can be not very pleasant and full of inconvenience, plus you’ll miss a sizable part of the show on the waiting line. Also, try not to overindulge in eating and drinking, so you don’t end up in that predicament.

5. Have the Right Mindset

Whenever we hear of a concert, we look forward to it with excited anticipation before even purchasing tickets. We try to imagine the experience and often project fantasies into it. It’s normal as humans, but it unknowingly sets us up for disappointment. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect everything to be as perfect as it is in a well-rehearsed, studio-edited video. It doesn’t mean you should expect the worst but a relatively imperfect experience.

You also have to be patient to tolerate the behavior of individual people you might come across. Such events assemble people from various places with various attitudes. Even though you wouldn’t allow anyone to cause you any inconveniences, you should accommodate them to an extent for the peace of everyone involved.

6. Relax and Get Involved

Admittedly, telling someone with social anxiety to relax doesn’t do much good, if any. However, it means that you shouldn’t allow your inhibitions or fears to hinder you from enjoying it. Ensure, however, that your method of relaxation is not getting drunk. That’s because you need to have your wits about you for alertness and memorable experience.

7. Don’t Spend Your Time Recording

In this age of smartphones and devices, people don’t know when to put them down. It’s a sweet sentiment to want to document the experience. Nevertheless, there’s a reason for the presence of camera crews at these events. You can record a few videos and take a few pictures with friends, but you should also put your phone down.

It helps you be in the moment to appreciate the show. In this regard, concerts are similar to festivals like the Clearwater sea blues in that you have to allow yourself to enjoy it. Despite the things going on around you, you might miss out while being bodily present if you have a divided focus. So leave the constant recording to the professionals and focus on the performance.



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